• New GDPR Complaiance

    European union, has a new rule which is set to change the way Data are handled.We as company following the Regulations of EU have updated and simplified our documents regarding the new GDPR regulation.You can read more if you visit our GDPR PageBefore the final changes applied, which are due by 28th of May 2018, changes on our services regarding ...

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  • We are changing our last services to the new naming convention.

    This weekend, we are planning to change our server's names to a new the naming convention.

    all services ending with hjsrv.net will be changing to on-srv.net

    As example all the servers will change their domains.

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  • Suspension of DNS servers

    Today we deleted the secondary dns of the Hosting Juice dns servers.

    The following entries will seize to exist:


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  • HostingJuice domains and servers changes

    Currently we are on a migration phase which will last for the next two months. The siteshosted under the old Hosting Juice dns should change dns to the new OnLab Dns servers.The following ...

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  • New Domain for the Member's Area

    Our member's area changed domain.

    The new domain is https://members.hostingonlab.com/.
    This changes will affect all the links using the domain members.hostingjuice.com.

    We setup proper redirects to avoid issues and confusion. For the followiing months 
    members.hostingjuice.com will always redirect to the new domains

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  • From a Juicy hosting to OnLab

    Our new Brand name is OnLab, we are workingwith it for every service we are going to offer to you...

    More about our hosting part in few days from now..

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  • IPv4 Exhaustion and Pricing Model Changes for IPv4 Addresses

    Dear Clients, As you are probably aware from various reports in the media, the number of available IPv4 addresses continues to drop drastically on a global level. In Europe, the pool of available addresses has already been completely allocated. We shall also not be receiving any further IPv4 addresses from the Regional Internet Registry for ...

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  • Value Added Tax change on netherlands as of 1st October

    Dear Clients,   Netherlands' Goverment has announced a change of VAT. This change occurs as of 1st October 2012. The new VAT value is 21% and it is rising by 2% from the current of 19%. Customers outside Europe or Customers with a Valit European VAT number, are not effected from this change. However we did a calculation for our customers that ...

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  • New Language Addition on our system: Greek

    We did added a new language to our System.

    The new Language is Greek .. There are many Misspelled words but also missing translations. We do fight with time to translate everything in Greek.


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  • Changes on Malware detection.

    Dear Clients, Our web hosting servers are constantly getting updated. The latest added service is the Realtime Malware detection. With this service we monitor 24/7 all the file modifications/creations/deletions and using Anti-Malware paterns and Databases, we can detect attempts to hack your websites. Hosting Juice, will inform the Account ...

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