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Outlook express (IMAP and SSL)

To configure Outlook Express to send and receive email using our servers using IMAP and SMTP over SSL/TLS, please follow the steps below. Please replace:

Please replace the values with your current values 

  • with your email address
  • with your domain name
  • with your server's host name (you can find your server's host name listed in the upper left corner of your Control Panel)


  1. Open Outlook Express.

  2. Choose "Tools" -> "Accounts".

  3. Choose "Mail" -> "Add" -> "Mail".

  4. In the "Display Name" field you should enter the name you would like to appear on the messages you send.
    Click on the "Next" button.

  5. Enter your e-mail address in the "E-mail address" field.
    Click on the "Next" button.

  6. Set the type of the incoming mail server to IMAP.
    For incoming and outgoing mail servers you should use
    Click on the "Next" button.

  7. Enter in the "Account Name" field. In the "Password" field you need to enter the current password for this particular mailbox.
    Make sure that you leave the "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" (SPA) option unchecked.
    Click on the "Next" button.

  8. Click on "Finish".

  9. Select the account you have just created and click on "Properties".

  10. Click on "Servers" and check the "My server requires authentication" option.

  11. Click on the "Advanced" tab and set the "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" port to 587.
    "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" options under "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" and "Incoming mail (IMAP)" need to be checked.

  12. Click on "IMAP" and enter the following value in the "Root folder path" text area: INBOX
    Be sure to enter this value in capital letters.
    Enter "Sent" in the "Sent Items path:" field and "Drafts" in the "Drafts path:" field.
    Click on "OK".

  13. Click on "Close".

  14. You will be prompted to download folders from the mail server you just added.
    Click on "Yes" and once the folders show up, click on "OK".


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